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Brand Talks Get Inspired;Get Inspired;Get Inspired;Get Inspired;Get Inspired;

We bring you the most compelling & never heard stories of brands.


Bigger Ideas are usually Simple Ideas;usually Simple Ideas;usually Simple Ideas;usually Simple Ideas;usually Simple Ideas

– David Ogilvy (Father of Advertising & Branding)

Brand Talks Global is an Initiative by a group of like-minded Entrepreneurs.It’s a quarterly event which happens in India. The objective of Brand Talks is to bring out awesome growth stories to Entrepreneurs, Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Working professionals, students & brand addicts. Also, Brand Talks will act as an amazing networking platform for anyone to connect with diverse people from different industries.

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Brand Story of The News Minute;The News Minute;The News Minute;The News Minute;The News Minute

May Event: “How The News Minute established themselves as a trusted Online News Platform. ”

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Want to be a Volunteer?

B.T.G is a do it yourself organization, where every volunteers will be treated as a stand-alone leader & will be assigned with versatile task based on their interest and commitment.To know more details connect with us.

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Want to refer a brand?

Do you have any interesting brands to refer? & strongly believe that their story will inspire millions of people? If so, we are glad to host the brand in one of our B.T.G event. Kindly drop a mail our team will connect with you.

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Want to Partner with us?

Do you believe your partnership will add value to B.T.G? If so kindly drop a mail to our team, we are always open for external support & suggestion. Our only objective is to deliver every single brand talks events with high quality for our participants.

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